Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Painting again...

Do you think that eventually coat, after coat, after coat of paint ever gets too heavy on a wall?

Do you think that layers and layers of paint may eventually just fall off?

Ughhh...I hope not!

See, I have this issue with painting and redecorating my kids' rooms. The issue is that I LOVE to do it! I LOVE that you can change the whole look of a room with just a cheap gallon of paint and a few new odds and ends. I LOVE change!

I LOVE Ikea!!

I'm probably like this because when I was a kid, my room was wallpapered in a light blue and yellow flower motif. Sounds nice, huh? Well, it was 70's- 80's after all. The biggest change I was able to do in that room involved moving heavy furniture. I remember that it used to drive my mom crazy.

I've recently repainted and redecorated both the kids' rooms. They got to pick...I just followed their lead.

And I do have to say...they both have pretty good taste!

Here is a look at the past. This is what the kids' room initially looked like when we moved in merely seven years ago:

(actually, I think that Maddie had a yellow room prior to this pink one...probably didn't last long enough for me to take a picture of it...)

Then a few years later, we went to this:

And now...here we are.

Yep...all this in seven years.
It's too bad I don't feel the need to repaint (and fix) my laundry room walls...