Saturday, December 19, 2009


  • Well I failed the blog-every-day-thing in November. Spending the long weekend at my dad's in South Dakota put a kink in that idea. Oh well...blogging every day for those 3 weeks was some kind of personal best for me anyway.
  • Besides eat and sleep, the kids just swim, swim, swim. Seems like we haven't been as busy with meets this fall as we were last fall. I don't really mind - it's great to have some "off" weekend with not a whole lot going on. But doing the meet thing is pretty fun. The kids are having a great season so far. Will's coach referred to him as the "Energizer Bunny" at practice on Thursday. They swam a total of 7000 yards (yep...that's a 7 with 3 zeros behind it) and he just kept getting faster and faster. She wondered if he even got tired. (He assured me that he DID.) Maddie loves it too. She's a hard worker and is always up for socializing with her girls.
  • Bill and I did all of our Christmas shopping online, with 2 computers, and 1 credit card in about an hour and a half. Done! It rocked...
  • We found an alternative to Lasik surgery. Just get a really big plasma TV in your bedroom. You can watch without glasses. It's awesome!
  • Winter gets harder for me every year. Today I found myself taking pictures of the kids playing in the snow and building snow forts while inside my house using my zoom lens. I know it's pathetic. But I think I'm allergic to snow and cold. I just keep thinking about being in Hawaii next year at this time.
  • Will was nominated as student of the month at his middle school last week. Now we are proud owners of one of those bumper stickers. We still haven't decided whose car it will adorn.
  • There will be lots of excitement at our house for the holidays. Last week I hosted a girls weekday movie/brunch. I'm having our trauma department Christmas party here after Christmas. We're hosting the annual New Years Eve Party again this year. And then we'll have Bill's family over for a Christmas celebration the first weekend in January. We're totally getting our money's worth out of the tree we bought this year.
  • I've finally gotten back into a "reading habit" again. I bet it's been about 6 months since I've been able to read a book...not sure why? I finished Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol in about 3 days. And now I'm totally immersed in Eclipse (the 3rd in the Twilight series). I forgot how much I totally love mindless reading.