Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Little Boy

Sometimes I look at him and I can't quite imagine the man he's becoming.

He's my little boy with a smooth, soft face.

He's my little boy with amazing eyebrows. Within hours of his birth, 11 and a half years ago, the nurse commented on his beautiful eyebrows.

How can these eyebrows not make your heart melt?

Mine is melting right now.

And how can I restrain myself when looking at his cute little smirk while he is fake-sleeping? It makes me want to scoop him into my arms and cuddle his smooth, soft face before it's transformed into something manly and abrasive.

And then right when I'm feeling all nostalgic and like life is just rushing by too fast, he does something like this to make me laugh and squirt pop out of my nose.

I love this kid.


Saeed said...

Nice website, very good content and a beautiful child. You`re blessed.

What I like most about your site is the neatness part of it. Keep it up. PEACE!

jilldaisbrenne said...

I love that kid too!! Blue tongue and all

Dad Stuff said...

I've caught myself thinking the same thoughts of our kids lately. They grow up too soon.