Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are you loyal?

I'm very thankful for Leah's post tonight! As I sat down, I wasn't quite sure what topic I could pull out of the air, but there is was - something I've been thinking about lately:

Any thoughts?

I've been getting my hair done at Marc Daniel Salon for a little over 5 years now. It gets cut by Hannah and colored by Angie. I love them both... I love how they do my hair... I love hearing about the latest gossip...I love comparing stories about our kids...I love the salon...I love the cool concrete floors in the salon... I love the quirky little gifts they have on display...I love how they ask you if you want a gown and something to drink when you walk in the door.

But, it is so crazy expensive, I think my poor husband would have a heart attack if he knew how much this graying, over-processed, thick head of hair costs me (and him) to maintain.

As the prices go up, the thought of going somewhere else has crept into my mind. I've changed hairstylists many times in the past. But I've never had the nerve to explain why or to go back to the same salon but to a different stylist. Heck, I even try to avoid going to another place in the same city.

And then I get scared someone else won't know how to do my hair.
And then I feel guilty that I might hurt their feelings.
And then I look at those brilliant gray roots peeking through in the center of my head.

And then, once I can't deal with the fear, guilt and gray roots any longer...I pick up the phone and make another appointment with my girls.

No really...I'm not a wuss. I'm just LOYAL.

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A Day In The Life.... said...

As you saw in my post, I'm loyal too. Mostly for all the same reasons as you. ;)