Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Their version of heaven...My version of hell

Daily blogging with an uneventful life is proving to be a real challenge for me. I hope you don't mind if we back-track a bit!

Bill and Will joined some other Gallagher boys (Paul, Ricky and Brian) several weeks ago for a weekend at "The Shack". And by "The Shack", I'm not talking about the book.

I know that I've told you about this before, but here are a few things to refresh your memory:
- just a bit northwest of Duluth
- lies deep within beautiful Lake Superior National Forest
- private, secluded and serene
- infested with mice
- held together with a winch in the attic that runs around the entire building
- accompanied by an outhouse with a glass storm door and skylight
- filthy
- stinky

In addition to (or should I say despite of) all these unique features, my two favorite guys just happen to LOVE this place.

Me? Not so much. Just thinking about it gives me an anxiety attack.

I have tried to understand their relationship with this place, but it truly escapes me. Maybe I have to think like a boy. Hmmmm...

Boy thoughts: Mmmmm. Fire. Fire's cool. I like to play with fire. I wonder how many things I can throw into the fire?

Boy thoughts: Ooooo...motorized vehicle...mud...trail through woods...

Boy thoughts: can I further optimize the effectiveness of this mouse-trap? With peanut butter and a drowning well, of course!

Boy thoughts: Dang. My wife/mom never lets me play with guns in our house.

OK...don't freak out. I'm told that these are just BB guns used to shoot the mice that escaped the fancy beer-can-peanut-butter-drowning-bucket-trap.

I'm told that they are being safe at all times.

I'm told that "it's the most fun place, ever!"

I'm also told that what happens at the shack, stays at the shack.

Gotta go... anxiety attack coming on.

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Anonymous said...

Decided to give you some encouragement-I perhaps am your number one fan - I check your blog everyday before I go to work at 6 am - I realized about 2 weeks ago that you were trying to blog everyday - 'your random thoughts' have always made me smile - and at times brought a tear to my eye - KEEP ON KEEPING ON - Lou Ann