Monday, June 28, 2010

U of M Swimming

Another weekend. Another meet.

The kids swam at the U of M again last weekend. In the summer, when possible, they swim long-course-meters. So, remember that crazy, big place with 2 pools going the opposite directions, from a few months ago? Well, they just remove the bulk-head in the middle and it becomes...ta-da... an "Olympic" size pool.

Here is Maddie swimming her favorite, the 50 fly. I love to watch her do this. She's a pretty good butterfly-er and I think she makes it look pretty graceful and easy. Kind of makes me think, "hey...maybe I could do that..." But then I think again and come to my senses.

And here is Will swimming "the most fun race of my whole life!". It is his 200 Free and he just missed his state-qualifying time by 0.83 seconds. A fraction of a second is always a heartbreaker in this sport; but when you're looking at a fraction of a second in a long 2 and a half minute race. It bites extra hard.

This great swim kind of surprised both Bill and I. Several of the swimmers in his heat were 2 or 3 years older than him. I love the part near the end when Bill shockingly states, "holy cow!!"


Anonymous said...

Awesome video, Tammy - cool to see the determination and drive in the kids! They both did great!


Dfive said...

Very well presented.... Cheers!